Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

  • What are the benefits of consuming these probiotic beverages?

    Tons!! To name a few- 

    • The high probiotic content promotes gut health and digestion 
    • Builds immunity
    • Rich in proteins, vitamins, calcium and antioxidants 
    • Rich in good bacteria which nourish hair and skin 
    • Fights cancer cells 
    • Helps your body detox
    • Increases energy levels 
    • promotes serotonin production (uplifts mood)

  • Are probiotic beverages just a fad?

    Probiotic beverages are more than just a fad, they have been around for centuries now. Different countries have their own probiotic foods and beverages, each of which have different miraculous properties. Kultur’d brings to you an amalgamation of this centuries old art of probiotics belonging to different cultures. Probiotic food and beverages have been here for ages and are definitely here to grow and stay!

  • What are these floaties, blobs and strands in my drink?

    Yay! This is a perfectly normal sign of a healthy and alive probiotic beverage. They are tasteless and full of probiotic goodness! If you don’t like them at first, you can simply strain them out. We’re sure you’ll grow to like them soon.

  • Should we refrigerate our Kultur’d bottles?

    Yes. The probiotic tonics will continue to ferment if left at room temperature and turn more tarty and may overferment. Thus, we suggest you refrigerate the bottles upon receiving.

  • How much quantity of these probiotic beverages can i consume everyday?

    Is there ever an excess of goodness? We don’t think so!
    We recommend you to start with 200ml and gradually increase your intake and have as much as you like.

  • Can children consume these wonderful beverages too?

    Totally! The kids absolutely love a good bottle of Kultur’d.
    We believe it is best to introduce kids to probiotic beverages at a young age. It is a wonderful immunity booster and a great replacement to unhealthy sugary sodas available in the market.

  • What is the best time to consume a bottle of Kultur’d?

    Anytime! See what suits you the best, but from our research and personal anecdotes collected from our clients, this is what we have found- 

    • First thing in the morning – one of the best ways to maximise the potency of probiotics 
    • Pre meal time – aids in weight loss by flushing out toxins 
    • Meal time- great for digestion 
    • Night time- supports metabolism and helps you have a good night’s sleep
    • Works really well as an energy drink while working out too! 

    Highly versatile, ain’t it?

  • Is Kultur’d a vegan brand?


  • Are Kultur’d beverages Gluten free?


  • Do you take bulk orders? Corporate gifting? Customizations for events?

    You bet! We’re all about delivering something new and exciting to you. Shoot us an email on and lets discuss details over a bottle of Kultur’d!

  • Would you be interested in supplying to our cafe/ restaurant/ store?

    100%! We thrive on partnerships. Just hit us up on saying you’re interested and we shall take care of the rest.