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Anytime! There is no wrong or right time to pop open a bottle of Kultur’d! YAY!

See what suits you the best, but from our research and personal anecdotes collected from our clients, here are some of the things we have found! 

  • Morning- Having Kombucha in the morning is a great way to flush out toxins and preparing your stomach for the day by giving it a boost of good bacteria
  • In between breakfast and lunch (around 12pm) – Kombucha helps you feel full and satiated and reduces the craving to unnecessarily snack on unhealthy items between meals. 
  • Meal time- It’s a great accompaniment with your food! We have a variety of flavors you can pair with different dishes and cuisines. Whether it’s a simple or a fancy meal, kombucha always amps it up. Oh and of course it helps you digest your meal better too! 
  • Post Lunch – Do you sometimes feel your energy levels go down after a nice lunch? And you just want to have a nice nap but you have to reply to emails instead? Have a kombucha! It gives you a good sustained energy boost that comes without a crash. 
  • Night time- Kombucha supports metabolism and helps you have a good night’s sleep!
  • Are you someone who needs a glass of wine before bed and are trying to cut down? Pour your booch in a fancy wine glass, it elevates your mood and helps you sleep better. Guilt free.
  • It works really well as an energy drink while working out too! 
  • Oh and it’s the perfect cocktail mixer! Check out some recipes on our blog! 
  • Oof, Highly versatile, ain’t it? 

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